Rutgers University Center for Philosophy and the Sciences

Past Events

Title:Monday Philosophy Seminars on Probability

Talks are at 1:00 p.m. in the Philosophy Seminar Room

Date:September 15, 2008
Speaker:Michael Strevens (NYU)
Title:"The Problem of Old Evidence"

Date:September 22, 2008
Speaker:Barry Loewer (Rutgers)
Title:"Bayesian Epistemology"

Date:September 29, 2008
Speaker:Jonathan Weisberg (Toronto)
Title:"Inference to the Best Explanation"

Date:October 6, 2008
Speaker:Terry Horgan (University of Arizona)
Title:"The Sleeping Beauty Problem"

Date:October 20, 2008
Speaker:Chris Meacham (University of Massachusetts)
Title:"Formulating the Principal Principle"

Date:October 28, 2008
Speaker:Barry Loewer (Rutgers)
Title:"On Metaphysics of Chance"

Date:November 3, 2008
Speaker:Alan Hajek (ANU)
Title:"Conditional Probabilities and Probabilities of Conditionals"

Date:November 10, 2008
Speaker:David Albert (Columbia)
Title:"Probabilities in Physics 1"

Date:November 17, 2008
Speaker:David Albert (Columbia)
Title:"Probabilities in Physics 2"

Date:November 24, 2008
Speaker:Hilary Greaves (Oxford)
Title:"Probability in Many Worlds QM"

Date:December 1, 2008
Speaker:David Albert (Columbia)
Title:"Probability in QM"

Date:December 8, 2008
Speaker:Barry Loewer (Rutgers)
Title:"Counterfactuals and Probability"

April 2005: Descrying the world in physics

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